About Beetles

The internet has been a boon and an inseparable partner in our modern lives, but it has its own disadvantages as well. Criminals are now faceless and seemingly traceless. The bigger weapon now is not a gun, but a keyboard. From malicious codes to Trojans to phishing and organized crimes (data theft, DoS, DDoS) are the new threats we face every day. The new criminal hides in the Deep Web, without a face or a name, waiting, only but a keystroke away. The threat is very real and the danger of being attacked is imminent. Beetles has been created with the sole purpose of warding off these criminals, safeguarding the clients’ data, both personal and professional from such attacks and ensuring that no Revenue or Business Impact befalls the client.

Why Beetles?

Beetles is an ISO 27001 certified offensive cyber security consultancy company. We specialize in a manual and exploitative assessment of a company’s IT environment. With a hacker-led approach, we simulate a real-world attack on applications, APIs, Network Infrastructure and Network Devices.

Ourglobally crowdsourced resource pool of ethical hackers and pentesters provide us with a varied range of domain expertise, multi-discipline experiences, and skills. This sets our services apart in the cyber security industry today.

Redefining the traditional penetration testing model, our PenTests are smaller, faster, agile, and easily integrates with any development environment and processes. Our PenTest_as_a_Service (PTaaS) ensures a continuous coverage of the scope through a properly defied, structured approach and collaboration with your internal team.

CrowdSpark, our proprietary PenTest management platform, enables our PenTest engagements to be a delivered as a service, aptly defined as PenTest_as_a_Service (PTaaS). As a result, our clients have the freedom and the luxury to schedule a PenTest on-demand. All the findings (vulnerability reports) are triaged accordingly to severity and delivered via our CrowdSpark platform. This allows you to receive the reports in real-time, as soon as they come in and schedule the remediation process appropriately.

We understand the need for security. We understand the real word implications and consequences of having a weak cyber security program. Beetles was born out of that realization of the need. Beetles has been founded by ethical hackers, professional pentesters and bug bounty hunters as well as security enthusiasts. Our goal is to enhance the IT industry and environments across all industry verticals, empower development and growth while keeping costs low and to build a sustainable platform for cyber security globally.